This is Heidi Jung

„When in Rome – do as the Romans do “. You might already know that you shouldn’t empty your plate in Asia. But is that already enough for international business? Let’s suppose you are looking for new suppliers or customers abroad. Maybe you’ve already found companies but then the communication does not work properly. Misunderstandings are not only caused by language problems, but also by different cultural imprints and different approaches. Heidi Jung builds bridges and helps to ensure your business success.
What qualifies her for that task? The foreign trade merchant and instructor with a university degree in English, Italian and business administration has been active as a consultant for industry and trade since 2002. Before that she gained profound experience as international purchaser for multi-national firms.
Her professional focus is on packaging, food, medical devices and textiles. She supports you not only professionally but also linguistically, in German, English or Italian.
Heidi Jung’s credo:” In order to go into business, you must talk to people – in order to stay in business, you must understand them”.


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An der Haarspott 19
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