Business Communication

Why business communication?

Are you and your employees fit for global business?

It is often linguistic details, unconscious clichés and a lack of knowledge about other cultures that can make the road to international business quite bumpy.

Here I build bridges and mediate contacts so that you can do business well.

How can I do that? I have a sound education, both linguistically and economically. Since my international studies I have been living and working in different countries, together with people from different cultures: from Italy to Ireland, from Rhein-Main to Riga, from Malaysia to Manchester.

My focus is on the food, packaging, medical products, automotive suppliers and textile industries and my business languages ​​are German, English and Italian.

International business communication

Do you want to successfully organize your activities abroad?

To make this easier, I offer a range of services with which I can build bridges to international business for you.

I can do for you:
– Lead your international business communication
– Establish and expand contacts
– Accompany, interpret and mediate with you on trips and meetings
– advise you on international customer and supplier searches,
as well as market information, address research and market studies
– Organize meetings, trade fairs and trips across borders
– Pass on my knowledge in intercultural coaching

I also organize “outgoing” training courses for people who go abroad for professional reasons or who work there and “incoming” training courses for people who come from abroad.

Why this is necessary: ​​Because an app doesn’t know homesickness.

Business languages